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Your event life all in one place! 

Now you can store and access all of your event apps, all in one location, and live your best #eventlife. 


Create your perfect schedule, find your friends, discover the incredible food and entertainment on offer, and stay safe. This app has it all! This event app can be used on its own or as the companion app to your event smart wristband and ticket for entry for each event in your eventlife app.  This app is a free download.

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download link from the app store
download link from google play

Download eventlife once, and use it at all participating festivals and events using eventlife.  Available on the apple store and google play store soon!



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The things you can do with your eventlife app are almost endless!   


  • Artist Profiles & Playlists

  • Automatic Medic Dispatch in Emergency*

  • Auto Switch to 000 (outside event zone)

  • Dynamic Food & Beverage Ordering

  • Dynamic Schedule

  • Festival wallet

  • Find-a-Friend & Connect

  • Help! press for assistance

  • Interactive Site Map

  • Personal Itinerary

  • Social Integration

  • Sponsor Offers | Festival Notifications 

* this feature is only available with an eventlife smart wristband. You will be provided with the eventlife smart wristband at all participating festivals.

Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

eventlife has been designed to keep you safe.

Sometimes we can party too hard. Sometimes we can feel unsafe.  


We understand that, and have developed this app to give you the support you need, when you need it. 

There are three safety features of this app.

Help! press for assistance.

If you or a friend feel unsafe or need some help, you can discreetly press the assistance button on your eventlife app and help is on its way.  You can chat with them along the way and you can track them to see how far away they are.

Automatic medic dispatch in case of a medical emergency.

If you are wearing a smart wearable along with your eventlife app,  and you need urgent medical assistance, the nearest medic will automatically be dispatched, find you and help you.  

Auto switch to 000 outside of the event.

If you need urgent medical assistance, and you have left the event, you can press for assistance and the nearest ambulance will be dispatched.  

Yor Data
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Your Data

When you establish your user profile, we ask a series of questions about you.

Part of this process is to get information about your medical history. The reason we ask this is to ensure we can provide you with the best care possible in case of an emergency.

Just as going to the doctor is a confidential experience, so is using the eventlife app.

The information that you include in your User Profile is only used by the medical team in case of a medical emergency and is handled in accordance with National Privacy standards, and protected in the same way as it is in any medical setting.

All of the information you provide is treated in accordance with our medical data and privacy policy and not used for marketing or promotional purposes. 

Connect With Us

Suite 6, 82-86 Minnie Street, Southport, QLD 4212 e:

ph: 1300 996 929

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